Robert and Lindsay, summer wedding on The Costa del Sol.

Robert and Lindsay are an inspired couple who met and fell in love in California and decided to Yolo it, and pick up and move their lives to Spain for a year.  On top of that they thought nothing would be better than to get married during their year long adventure there.  They both had a love for Spanish culture and the Spanish language.  Robert's background is Chicano and his parents are native Spanish speakers.  My talented friend and cinematographer, Joshua Fair of Fisheye Studio, had the brilliant idea to seek an inspiring couple while we were working on a project in Europe, and we connected with Lindsay online.  

Josh, photographer and artist, Taryn Nakashima and I met up in Malaga, Spain and began our adventure in Malaga, near where R&L's unique wedding would take place.  We had fun settling into our new setting.  It was Summer, the week of St John's Day a day where the people take to the beach and boats and celebrate, and on top of that Spain was dominating in the European Cup, so there was an electric excitement that was a real treat to experience.  

As an artist, Lindsay and Robert's wedding day was a real treat.  As a photographer, I loved the unique scenery, the Andalusian landscape, the old style looking ranch, and the beautiful people who had traveled across the world, to come together and celebrate... and did they!  Everyone at the wedding became a part of the experience.  Lindsay's father put his love into creating the arbor for the ceremony, their friends and family all worked together to create very charming decor, and all of the guests celebrated to the fullest extent.  The experience was full of life and joy, which is what my photography is inspired by and why I named my photography company Vivir.  Live. Experience. Come alive!!!